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Entering the competition

These terms and conditions (which we will refer to as our "General Terms") are the overarching general terms and conditions that apply to all competitions promoted by Needco Ltd.
By entering either in-store via our manual form or online via our e-form you are consenting to subscribe to our newsletter and therefore receive electronic communications from Needco Ltd. t/a Unit7 Menswear. These communications may be delivered via 3rd party means. Your data is always safe, maintained and managed through a Content Management System (CMS)

Details of the competition

The Competition runs throughout the Christmas period and the Prize draw will take place in-store on December 24th 2023.
The prizes come to a total of €500 with the amount being broken down as follows:
1st Prize €250 2nd Prize €150 3rd Prize €100
The Prize Draw may be delayed due to time constraints, if so the draw will take place at the next available date.

Eligibility for Winning

In order to win you need to meet the following criteria:
1. You have subscribed to our E-Mail Newsletter prior to the competition and/or subscribed since the competition began via our manual form in-store or e-form online
2. Be a current e-mail subscriber and have not unsubscribed (In order to contact you and for GDPR reasons)
3. Be above the age of 18 years of age
4. Not be an employee or direct family member of any employee or company director members

Prize Winners

All prize winners will be notified that they have won a prize within twenty eight (28) days of the closing date of the Competition via at least one of the following methods: (a) by telephone; (b) in writing.
All prizes must be claimed within twenty-eight (28) days of our notification of winning unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to award prizes unclaimed after this period to alternative prize winners or not to award them at all. If you call to claim a prize from a "withheld number" line you must provide us with your contact details: otherwise we may be unable to contact you and you as a result may forfeit your prize.
All prizes are in Euro (currency) and are non exchangeable

Terms & Conditions

Read our competition terms & conditions

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